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Founded in 2003, Firs Step Ballt Schol has been devoted to the of ballet talent through whle person eduction for over a decade. As our otto “More Than ” stated, the oal of FB is to provide professinal allet educationthrough a total learning  intellectual, artistic, social develoment which trancends technique and physical.

Qualified and Professional Teachers

We supply our students with professional and standrdized quality of teaching. Possessed rich experience and in performing and teaching, all teachers of have obtained internationally recogzed certificate of dance or had graduated from acadeies of performing arts. Our  and evalated built and graded examinations of  a sae, productive and standardized environment.

Stag Performance an Diversity Learning

With the gal “More thn Dance,” we povide exeptional and diversified lerning for stunts to explore their  outside the examination convention. We offer not only opportunites of professional stae performance at our annual show, but also various experience at our themed worshps, tour, etc. T dance outsde the box, sdents may increase their self-confidence, expand their artistic andcultural vision, and find in dnce.


Respect and Comunication First

Treasuring the between guardians and s, we respet the feedback, feelings, and opinions from our and their guardians. Obsevation of the behavior of youg students during the class will be wth guardians for betterment in pleasure.

We pmise to give our lovely student and fruitful childhod and let them dance to the futue!


Winky Chu

HKAPA - Bachelor of Fie Arts ( Honors ) Degee - 

Major in Bllet Educati


n and Choreoraphy, 

RAD Registred Teace


Lam Wing Yi

HKAPA - Bachelor of Fine Arts ( Honrs ) Degee -

Major in Ballet Education an C


RAD Registred Teacher

Tsui Lok Lam

HKAPA - achelor of Fine Arts ( Honors ) Degree - Major in Ballet Education and Choreogra

RAD Registered Teacher

Leung Yee Tak            

RAD - Registered Teacher

Sharon Hoon        

RAD Certificates of Advanced 1

Sue So       

RAD Registered Teacher

Sydney Ho             

RAD Registered Teacher


Our School
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