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First Step Ballet Courses

First Step Ballet School is devoted to the education of classical ballet and the nurturance of youth ballet talents. Our teachers, following the RAD system, encourage students to achieve their personal best. Not only that precise technique is taught in our safe and well-equipped studios, First Step also cultivates our students’ artistry, discipline, and perseverance, which would benefit them for a lifetime. 

Besides of examination and creative courses for children, we also offer adult ballet class for beginner to intermediate level.

Pre-School Dance

Pre-School Dance Curriculum (PSD I) Aged 2.5
Pre-School Dance Curriculum (PSD II) Aged 4 

The Pre-School Dance course of First Step Ballet School inspires our students’ creativity through joyful ways of teaching classical ballet techniques. At this level, we educate our students to:

  • Move with increased control, co-ordination and confidence

  • Move with awareness of the body and an understanding of how it moves through space

  • Demonstrate a developing sensitivity to music through movement

  • Express feelings and emotions through movement

Special Offers

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RAD Syllabus Course

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is an international dance education and training organization that sets global standards for exams in classical ballet. Since its establishment in 1920, Landon, RAD has been developing and maintaining the highest possible standards of teaching. Whatever age or stage they reach, RAD-trained students can be confident of receiving a comprehensive, well-structured and relevant education in classical ballet.
Our students are taught professionally and evaluated through progressively built and graded examinations of RAD. Our qualified students take part in the RAD examination every year.


Adult Ballet

The education of Ballet is never confined to children. With training and devotion, adult-learners can also master the gracefulness of this classical beauty. Not only does Ballet improve one's body figure, it also enhances one's confidence and elegance. Designed for adult-beginners and intermediate learners, our adult ballet course teaches foundational movements and techniques, such as weight placement, balance, jumps, and turns.

Modern Ballet
Ballet Lesson
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